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Case Study

Epson EcoTank


No More Cartridges


Epson needed our help to launch the EcoTank, a printer developed to ease their biggest consumer pain point: those tiny, expensive ink cartridges that run out of ink at the worst possible time. Epson believed the EcoTank, which uses large ink tanks instead of cartridges and comes with a 2-year supply of ink, could be a game-changer in the category and challenged us to come up with a standout campaign to share the big news.

ApproachCrafting Epson's Higher-Level Purpose

While we could have simply bragged about the cost savings and convenience of switching to the cartridge-free EcoTank, we tapped into the product’s emotional appeal: the freedom to print without worry. EcoTank purchasers told us they “no longer needed permission to print in color” and they were “finally free from the cartridge cartel.” Our “Fill and Chill” campaign leveraged spokesman Shaquille O’Neal’s playful, animated personality to humorously denounce cartridges and celebrate the new EcoTank across all media touchpoints and in-store.


Awareness jumped by 40% with the initial wave of advertising. Epson keeps sales numbers confidential, but this plane is still gaining altitude with off-the-charts results.

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