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Case Study



The Joy Of A Healthy Hooha


FemiClear, is a more effective and all-natural yeast infection treatment that we set to launch against the category behemoth, Monistat. We had to be bold because we would be well outspent, and needed to convince entrenched Monistat users to switch.


We dug into reviews for Monistat and realized that while the product worked, many women felt uneasy about “putting chemicals down there” but were in desperate need of relief from “the yeast beast” and had no other choice. In a culture ripe for discussions about once-taboo subjects, we started a happier and more positive conversation about the health of vaginas. The campaign “Joie de Hooha” was born! And it wasn’t about to stop at competitive superiority stats and all-natural claims. It tapped into the brand’s higher order purpose, giving women the feeling of freedom and joy. Our surprising and delightful campaign celebrates the joy of a “hooha” that has been quickly and effectively cured without any chemicals.


We won big by partnering with a brave Client who set out to be a maverick in the conservative consumer healthcare space. Our OLV received well over a million views in just a few months, our commercial garnered celebrity shout outs on Instagram, and the campaign generated thousands of comments and shares on social media. Our TV spot caused quite a stir for mentioning the word “hooha” (CBS and NBC banned it!) but bolder networks clamored for it resulting in national Walmart distribution. The campaign grew sales in key customers +32% when it went on air.